After Posting Photo To Social Media, Officers Were On An Immediate Manhunt To Find Her And Make Her Pay

22-year-old Charlotte McPherson considers herself to be an animal lover, especially with horses. She loves to go horseback riding. Which is why she posted a series of images on social media. But the truth is this young woman’s cruel and neglectful tendencies started to show.

When this woman showed up for an equestrian contest to show off her prized horse, Thor, other participants quickly realized she wasn’t the animal lover she said she was.

Horse experts quickly realized that Thor was in bad shape even though Charolotte was careful to hide her tracks, by covering Thor with a blanket.
Many quickly reported Charlotte’s abuse and neglect after she posted a narcissistic selfie of herself with Thor in the background.
The horse was visibly starved. His rib cage protruded from his side.

RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith said: “Thor looked incredibly thin and you could see pretty much every bone in his body.”

The UK animal protection agency quickly acted. They started investigating Charlotte and her supposedly “animal loving” ways. They quickly realized that her whole identity was a sham.

“He was obviously unwell, and after a vet examined his body, his body condition was rated zero out of five because he was that thin. McPherson continued to ride him twice a week in this condition, including at a fun ride in Bissell Wood, Blakedown, in March,” Smith said. “Not only was he thin, but he had a sore on his spine which was directly underneath the saddle. Thor would have been in a lot of pain while he was being ridden.”

Thor was emaciated. He was nothing but skin and bones. The poor horse had a large abscess on his back where Charlotte, who is an overweight woman, slaps the saddle down on his back. Because she is large, every ride must have been torture for the horse who was not fed or taken care of.
And The courts didn’t go easy on this self-proclaimed “animal lover”…

Charlotte was found guilty on two charges. She was not thrown in jail, but she must pay a $500 fine and complete 160 hours of community service. And best of all, she is not allowed to own a horse for the next ten years.

Thor has since been rescued. He was taken to a home for abused animals. Now he receives the necessary medication and food he needs to thrive. In a short time, he has already made fantastic strides in the right direction.

Thor is loving his new life away from his abusive owner.

It’s shocking to think that a “horse lover” could be an animal abuser. Thankfully these rescuers took Thor away from the terrible environment and gave him a second chance at life.
If Thor was not take from Charlotte McPherson, he could have died…